Abundance is Not Money


When you hear the word ABUNDANCE, what comes to your mind? When I hear the word abundance, what comes to my mind is living a life on PURPOSE. What does it mean to live a life on PURPOSE? To live a life on PURPOSE means to live a full life — Nothing lacking, nothing broken and nothing missing. From the definition mentioned above. Do you believe you are living an abundant life?

I believe that everyone was created to live a full life in every aspect — spiritually, mentally, verbally, emotionally etc. You were formed to dominate these area with the power God implanted inside of you. Believe it or not! You were not created empty! You were constructed with gifts and dreams embedded on the inside of you to live a life of greatness. In other words, you were pre-ordained to live in abundance. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations Jeremiah 1:5. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a PURPOSE - Myles Munroe Living an abundant life doesn’t exclude you from hardships, struggles and challenges. So, what exactly is an abundant life? An abundant life is finding what you were placed on this earth to do, and you must choose to do it as if it was your last day on earth.

Many people believe that money, status, cars and houses are what makes a man happy. The sad part is: You can have all the materialistic things and still feel empty and void. Why? Because you failed to do what you were placed on this earth to do. Why do you think many people become stressed and miserable? Many people are stressed and miserable, not because they do not have the basic needs of life; rather, it is because they do not love what they are doing. A vast amount of us are working jobs that is out of alignment with our PURPOSE.

The spirit of fear will try to cripple you in shallow waters when God wants you to launch out into deep waters. You will not acquire the treasures God has for you if you remain on shore. Sometimes, it takes stepping out on faith and in faith to see the hand of God move in whatever you set out to do or become. You will never live in abundance until you do what you were formed to do. To live in abundance means you have to: 1. Surrender to God 2. Think positive thoughts about you and others