Self-Love...God's Way

We all seem to be searching for comfort to heal from our past life experiences. We usually turn to others for help, spouses, parents, friends.  At least I know this is what I did when I was depressed and lonely and confused. My walk with God has grown since then, and I now seek my healing through self-love.  I started to invest in me by taking care of my needs first then others.

When the opportunity came to attend the Sister’s In Christ Retreat I was excited, I booked my trip and invited my best friend to come along with me. When I received the itinerary for the journey, I made up my mind that I would be present in every moment when I arrived in LA. I  enjoyed the company of women who share a common theme of seeking to heal in Christ. When we landed, I wasn’t anxious at all; I was calm even though I was starving...we all were, as we waited for our transportation to take us to our final destination. When we arrived at the stunning mansion and greeted with love by the other beautiful ladies; this was confirmation that all is well. The energy in the environment was inspiring as we built new relationships in Christ, what was reassuring for me is that I was comfortable with me and I had no insecurity. My view of life has changed since the LA trip. Self-love is the result of self-discovery and self-worth, pursuing self-love has quenched my thirst, and I now seek God in everything I do.

Matt 22:37 KJV.   Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.